Kamen Rider Gaim DVD Release Edits Out Batman Gotham City Reference

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Whether for copyright reasons or otherwise, Toei is pretty sure that Kamen Rider Gaim's Zawame City is definitely, positively not Gotham City. Not even a little bit.

In the volume 9 DVD release, which contains episode 33 of the series, a map of Zawame City that closely resembles Gotham City has been replaced with an entirely new map.

Here's the original shot from the series:

And flipped to its side:

And here's Gotham City as it's shown in The Dark Knight Rises, but which dates back to 1998:

And here's the new map:

Toei hasn't made any comments about the edit yet, but it's possible they just wanted to cover all their bases as far as copyrights are concerned. And whether the inclusion of the map was originally a humorous nerd reference or a set designer faux pas, it's officially been struck from the record.

[Source: Tokusatsu Network via 2ch; image from Huffington Post via The Dark Knight Manual]

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