Yōkai Watch's Jibanyan Ousts Pikachu From the World Hobby Fair Spotlight

posted on by Bamboo Dong

For a while now, Yokai Watch has been creeping slowly into Pokemon's limelight, displacing Pikachu and friends from the annual McDonalds calendar and topping merchandise sales charts. Just last week, Bandai even announced that the property is outselling Gundam.

With the announcement of next year's Next Generation World Hobby Fair dates and venues, it appears that Pikachu has been pushed away even further from the center, only to be replaced by Yokai Watch's Jibanyan.

In fact, since the debut of the Yokai Watch anime series in 2014 (the franchise itself has been around since 2011), the battle between Jibanyan and Pikachu can be seen in the event's banners:

Pikachu has reigned supreme in everyone's hearts since 1996, with adorable land invasions, official soccer jerseys, and Macy's balloons, but at least amongst Japanese kids, that dominance may slowly be coming to an end.

[Via Yaraon]

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