ItaKiss Creator's Husband Records New Song for Series' Compilation CD

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Music producer Shigeru Nishikawa and his former bandmate Yoshihito Onda reunited to record an all new track for the Itazura na Kiss Songs compilation CD. Nishikawa is the husband of the late Itazura na Kiss manga creator Kaoru Tada.

The duo previously performed together as the rock band PRESENCE, but they disbanded in 1989. Nishikawa and Onda reunited to perform an all new track "ANGEL RUSH ~Saikai no Uta~" (Angel Rush ~Reunion Song~) for the CD, which collects songs from the anime and live-action drama adaptations. The track list includes:

  1. "Suki!" by Nana Mizuki (2005 TV drama ending)
  2. "Kataomoi Fighter" by GO!GO!7188 (2008 anime series' 1st ending)
  3. "Updates" by Sabao (2013 TV drama Season 1 theme song)
  4. "KISS KISS KISS " by Cyntia (2014 TV drama Season 2 theme song)
  5. "Jikan yo Tomare" by AZU feat. SEAMO (2008 anime series' 2nd ending)
  6. "Takaramono" by Sabao (2013 TV drama Season 1 ending song)
  7. "White Stock " by Cyntia (2014 TV drama Season 2 ending song)
  8. "ANGEL RUSH ~Saikai no Uta~" by PRESENCE

The special edition CD bundles a book and trading card and goes on sale on March 18.

Nishikawa has gone on to handle music production for the various adaptations of his wife's manga. He recently worked on the Itazura na Kiss 2 ~Love in Okinawa special.

The story follows Naoki and Kotoko through high school and beyond, but the manga is unfinished because Tada passed away in an accident in 1999. The popular manga has more than 30 million copies in print. The story was previously adapted into a television drama series in Japan in 1996, two drama series in Taiwan under the name It Started with a Kiss in 2005 and 2007, a 2008 stage play, and a drama series in South Korea in 2010. The manga also inspired a 2008 television anime series, which Discotek Media released in December.

Source: Comic Natalie

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