Unit-01 Protects Evangelion Theme Park in New Projection Mapping Show

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Also: roller coaster to be redesigned Evangelion-style

On April 25, a projection mapping show starring Unit-01 will premiere at the theme park Evangelion: World. The story begins with an inspection team visiting the "Fuji-Q Highland Base" with Misato and Shinji. Suddenly an alarm breaks out: an Angel is approaching! What kind of foe is NERV up against this time? And will they be able to keep Unit-01 under control?

The show will be projected with lasers onto the theme park's giant Unit-01 model using six projectors mounted on the ceiling and floor. The story is original and can only be seen here.

Fuji-Q Highland will also remodel its roller coaster Takabisha into "Evabisha," a Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed roller coaster. The cars will resemble Unit-01 and the announcements, music, building, and monitors along the queue will all be revamped to evoke the world of Evangelion. It is a revival of a remodeling first done in 2012. The Takabisha reaches speeds of 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph) and includes a 121° freefall. The remodeled coaster will also open on April 25.

Evangelion: World is a theme park meant to bring the world of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo to life through recreations of the AAA Wunder, iconic scenes from the film, and life-size character statues. It is part of a larger theme park, Fuji-Q Highland, situated in Yamanashi Prefecture west of Tokyo. The projection mapping show is made by Naked Inc., which also designed similar shows on the life-size Gundam in Tokyo.

[Via PR Times and Minna-no Eva Fan]

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