Gintama Characters to Infiltrate Hot Springs

posted on by Eric Stimson
Can they find the shogunate's secret money stash?

The Story of Ooedo Hot Springs, a lavish hot springs theme park in Odaiba, Tokyo, is planning a Gintama collaboration beginning on April 25.

The story goes that the Amanto have learned of a secret goyoukin stash (money raised by the Tokugawa shogunate as emergency funds for lean times). It's not in the appropriate box in the castle, and they're not sure where it is. A rumor spreads in Kabuki Town that the money is buried somewhere in the hot springs frequented by the Tokugawa family retainers — "Ooedo Tokugawa Onsen Land." Gin, Kagura and Shinpachi dress up as chindon'ya (traditional musician advertisers) to infiltrate the hot springs and find the stash. In late May, a new chapter in the story/collaboration will unfold.

The promotion will include original character goods and food, but details have not yet been revealed. In the meantime, here are original pictures of the Gintama cast in chindon'ya garb and bathhouse kimono.

Ooedo Hot Springs frequently collaborates with popular anime properties, including Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, Kuroko's Basketball, and Tiger & Bunny.

[Via Nijimen and Ooedo Onsen]

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