Tiger & Bunny Crew Takes Over Ooedo Hot Springs

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Target shooting, stamp hunting, color-changing soda, pill cases, and more

The Story of Ooedo Hot Springs (Ooedo Onsen Monogatari), a public bathing facility in Tokyo's harborside community of Odaiba, has a new anime theme. It normally attempts to recreate the feel of Tokugawa-era hot springs, but for the next few months, it's adopting another theme: Tiger & Bunny!

An assortment of Tiger & Bunny merchandise will be available for competing in various carnival-style games. Visitors can participate in a "stamp rally," which is a scavenger hunt for stamps — in this case, origami shuriken that the Tiger & Bunny crew supposedly left behind after their last visit. You get one of two different poly canvas tote bags for participating as well as a hand towel for filling up the stampbook. Designs come in either Kotetsu or Barnaby varieties.

For the more aggressive visitor, there are target practice games — one using a gun, the other using shuriken. There is also a game challenging visitors to snatch as many bouncy balls as they can within one minute's time. The prizes are these straps, bracelets, notebooks and door plates.

There's also a full menu of food tied in to Tiger & Bunny in some way, like this "Tiger's specialty wild fried rice," a fried rice dish topped with shrimp and mayonnaise and accompanied by sausages.

Or "good luck omrice," a runny omrice (omelet on rice) served with both tomato and basil sauce to symbolize Kotetsu and Barnaby's partnership.

Or this "Cyclone drink," inspired by Origami Cyclone's shapeshifting ability — it turns blue as you stir it up.

Or you could try "Rock Bison's taco rice," which is taco rice (an Okinawan dish of rice topped with taco seasoned-ground beef and salsa) ornamented with an onion ring and two baby corncobs to imitate Rock Bison's nose ring and drills.

Each dish comes with a unique sticker of one or two of the show's characters as seen above.

A Tiger & Bunny merchandise store in the hot springs has even more goods on offer, like this happi (a loose Japanese coat mostly worn for festivals or at baths):

This travel pouch, which can also be hung from walls:

Pill cases, which double as hand mirrors:

Or these curtains:

The Tiger & Bunny crossover lasts until April 13. It is one of a bevy of promotions held to drum up anticipation for the Tiger & Bunny movie, Gekijō-ban Tiger & Bunny -The Rising-, which premiered in Japan earlier this month.

[Via Ooedo Onsen Monogatari; Image from Flicker]

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