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Oodles of Goodies from Tōken Ranbu

posted on by Eric Stimson
Contact lenses, hair ties, book covers and more

The mobile and PC game Tōken Ranbu has inspired quite a bit of merchandise lately, much of it related to the character Munechika Mikazuki, the incarnation of a tachi forged by medieval blacksmith Munechika Sanjo. The game imagines various Japanese swords as good-looking men.

ACOS, a chain of cosplay outfitters, is partnering with DOLCE Contact to make contact lenses that closely resemble Munechika's eyes. They will cost 2,800 yen (about $23.50) and will be only available at ACOS's stores in Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata, Ikebukuro, Akikabara, Nagoya, Honbashi (Osaka) and Tenjin (Fukuoka).

The jeweler Material Crown is offering this necklace inspired by the motif on Munechika's robe. It will be available until August 31 and comes in three varieties: silver and zirconia (12,000 yen/$101), 10-karat gold and diamond (22,000 yen/$185), and 18-karat gold and diamond (33,000 yen/$277). The necklaces will be made to order and can be purchased here.

CaféReo, an online anime and video game character goods shop, will sell this line of Tōken Ranbu book covers in early July. Each one takes a motif from a different character. They will be priced at 1,000 yen (about $8.39) and available at various online and physical stores.



Tōshirō Namazuo



Tōshirō Honebami


Tōshirō Yagen





Union Creative, a character goods maker, displayed these Tōken Ranbu-inspired ballpoint pens and hair ties at its booth at a character goods convention on April 14. They are based on the ornamental hairpins worn by the characters, and can also be worn in this way (as the model in the first picture demonstrates). UC says it will be taking orders soon.

The official Tōken Ranbu Twitter account announced on April 14 that a Kiyomitsu Nendoroid is under development and included this picture of the model.

Update: Good Smile Company now has a commercial for the Nendoroid

Kyoto Yodobashi, a department store, announced that a Tōken Ranbu lottery will start on May 2. If fans buy one of 20 acrylic badges, they may win a hachimaki (headband) displaying the characters' family crests. The badges will cost 350 yen (or $2.94).

A Tōken Ranbu anthology comic strip has also been announced for the manga magazine Monthly Bushiroad. It will premiere in the July issue and be drawn by Yarō Kiku, who has drawn other manga adaptations of video games like Ace Attorney and THE [email protected] Side M.

Happinet, another online character goods shop, will sell a collection of six Tōken Ranbu rubber straps in August for 4,250 yen ($36).

(Left to right, top to bottom) Kiyomitsu, Shishiō, Mitsutada, Nakigitsune, Kunihiro, Tōshirō Honebami, Tōshirō Akita, and Hotarumaru

For a survey of the Tōken Ranbu cast, see our December article.

Happinet strap fixed, thanks senbonzakura

[Via ACOS, Material Crown, CaféReo, 1Up Jōhōkyoku, Nijimen and Happinet Online]

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