Eat Your Favorite Characters' Faces at Yowamushi Pedal Cafe

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Also: drinks, lotteries, cookies, and more goodies

In anticipation of the upcoming Yowamushi Pedal movie, Parco, a shopping center in Nagoya, will open a Yowamushi Pedal-themed cafe featuring menu items that resemble the anime's characters.

Sakamichi is excited to be devoured in cheese pizza form. His hair is represented by a wafer. (1,280 yen/$10.30)

Makishima and Tōdō's Last Climb is represented in hamburger form. (1,480 yen/$12)

Midōsuji and his long tongue (made of ham) makes this "creepy curry" unsettling. (1,280 yen/$10.30)

The "T2 Combo" evokes Aoyagi with tuna-and-mayonnaise rice and Teshima with udon noodles and seaweed. (1,180 yen/$9.50)

On the sweeter side of the menu, Sakamichi and Manami get a pancake platter. (1,380 yen/$11.20)

Arakita can't stand being rendered as a dessert pizza, with chocolate for hair. (1,380 yen/$11.20)

In this parfait, Makishima's hair is approximated with cotton candy. A balloon comes with it. (1,280 yen/$10.30)

Diners can also opt to make s'mores with a crepe. The marshmallows have different team logos on them, the better to burn your least favorite one. The pen is included to write a message on the crepe cheering on your favorite team. (1,180 yen/$9.50)

Drink orders come with Yowapeda character coasters and keychain pendants. The choices are water jelly soda, mango, banana and Blue Curaçao smoothie, "Bepsi" float with pineapple, and mango, aqua grape, or violet sodas.

The cafe will also have designated photography spots and a bevy of Yowamushi Pedal merchandise on offer: cookies (900 yen/$7.30), tea (500 yen/$4), tote bags (500 yen/$4), clear files (600 yen/$4.85 for a set of two), notebooks (600 yen/$4.85 for a set of two), handkerchiefs (800 yen/$6.50), paper fans (1,500 yen/$12.10) and T-shirts (2,500 yen/$20.20).

Customers who spend over 5,000 yen (or $40) will get a complimentary sticker.

Gachapon (merchandise lotteries) will sell acrylic straps and magnets.

The cafe will open on July 2 in Parco Nagoya's West Hall, 8th Floor, and closes on September 15. Tickets can be pre-ordered beginning on June 20 at Lawson ticket machines; they cost 324 yen ($2.62), but may be exchanged for the stickers below at the cafe (which change as the summer goes on). The merchandise is also available at Shibuya's Parco branch in Tokyo.

The Yowamushi Pedal movie opens on August 28. Namja Town, a theme park in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City shopping complex, has hosted Yowamushi Pedal cafes before.

[Via Parco Art]

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