Coffee Girl Group Stars in Whodunnit Web Game

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Which Yukiko-tan stole the key?

Cowgirl Yukiko-tan, the mascot of MegMilk Snow Brand Coffee, is now starring in an online detective game, Yukiko-tan no Coffee Labyrinth: Kaette Kita Meitantei ("Yukiko-tan's Coffee Labyrinth: The Detective Returns"), along with her five fellow Yukiko-tans. It seems that the local factory has stopped running, and Yukiko-tan must find the key to get it started again. But who took the key? In the trailer below, Cowgirl Yukiko-tan announces that she suspects one of the Yukiko-tans is the culprit!

The game, which premiered on MegMilk Snow Brand's website on July 23, will be released in four episodes each Thursday. It boasts an illustrious staff, including Kazushige Nojima of the Final Fantasy series as writer, Eiichi Nishiyama of Jake Hunter as director, and Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa in K-On!, Kirino in Oreimo) as Cowgirl Yukiko-tan. The game will have multiple endings, and players who complete it will be rewarded with special prizes, like the chance to buy three packages of exclusive summer MegMilk Snow Brand Coffee, additional video clips, and Yukiko-tan wallpaper.

The police station, the hospital, or the detective office?


Yukiko-tan originated in a contest to choose the mascot for MegMilk Snow Brand Coffee on the company's 50th anniversary in 2013. ("Yukiko" means "snow child.") While Cowgirl Yukiko-tan was selected as the "official" mascot, five other designs were so popular that they have been retained as alternate Yukiko-tans. Previous projects have also played on the multiplicity of Yukiko-tans, including an idol group.

Milcrown Yukiko-tan denies taking the key.

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