KanColle Fans on What They Expect from a Second Season

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Kan Colle fans eagerly anticipating a second season of the anime (the first season of which concluded in March) have taken to Twitter and shared their thoughts/requests/demands on what they'd like to see using the hashtag #艦これアニメ二期に期待すること ("Expectations of the Second Kan Colle Season"). As usual, they range from the very vague to the outlandishly absurd.

@HitoriNanasaka hoped for the emergence of Ryūjō as the main character.

@marion_614 says he experiences withdrawals without the Agano sisters, and backs his point up with a diagram of the vicious cycle of lust he goes through when he thinks about them.

@kinokinowww demands more scenes of Kaga eating, docking, and sleeping.

@aizen_423 requested more fanservice.

@mika3642 demanded to see more of the Shiratsuyu girls.

@amanosagume suggested incorporating various memes.

@ogata_kouji suggested a greater sense of the girls' scale.

@Seo_t thinks along similar lines.

@NSDAP_SS asked to actually see the Admiral.

@NEXTNEVER1 called for fewer serious and combat-heavy scenes and more slice-of-life.

@makyuu13 is very upset at Kirishima's glasses, and vents frustration with this reworking of a Kochikame manga page, showing a character smashing a TV each time Kan Colle comes on because he can't stand Kirishima's glasses, among other gripes, like an event that occurs to Kisaragi and a lack of slice-of-life scenes. (Simply not watching is not an option.)

Other responses included requests for specific staff members to handle more responsibility to complaints about the show's setting, combat scenes, and plot points.

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