PLAMAX Shimakaze Figure Also Comes With 1/350 Scale Destroyer

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The Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- ship girl franchise got a bevy of announcements recently, including an upcoming anime film next year and the addition of international ship girls and a new fleet added to the browser game.

Like most games and anime with an expansive female cast, everyone's favorite will vary. The blonde Shimakaze with her rabbit ear-like hair tie, tiny pleated skirt, and accentuated thong straps might be the most well known. Figure-maker Max Factory is releasing a figure that not only speaks to Shimakaze fans, but to warship fans, too.

The set includes 1/20-scale figure of Shimakaze's Kanmusu version and a 1/350-scale replica destroyer ship. The figure marks the first time the warship was replicated at this scale. Shimakaze measures 100mm high (about 4in) while the ship measures 370mm (14.5in long).

The set is not pre-painted and comes in pieces to be painted and assembled as buyers see fit. A full color 16-page booklet comes with the set to show how to put it together. It also comes with a display stand and box art by Yoshinori Shizuma and Katsuyuki Hoshino.

Pre-orders opened on Monday and will ship in October. The whole set costs 7,800 yen (US$63).

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