Voice Actor Narrated Ramen Recipe App Returns

posted on by Eric Stimson
Learn how to spice up your ramen from smooth-voiced stars

Maruchan's ramen recipe app, Voice Recipe, is back with new characters and new recipes. In addition to the lead, Shōgo Higashimizu (Tomokazu Sugita), Ryō Saionji (Nobunaga Shimazaki), Soup Hiraoka (Yūki Kaji), and Mamoru Moriya (Yūichi Nakamura) will offer creative new ramen recipe ideas.

The app casts you as an inexperienced employee of a food company run by Shōgo and his brothers and staffed by inexplicably good-looking young men. It's holding a contest for new ramen recipes, and the characters above pitch in with their ideas — and give you new ways to spice up your instant noodles.

The recipes are:

  • Pork and Matsutake Ginger Soy Sauce Ramen (Shōgo)
  • Creamy Miso Character Noodles Ramen (Shōgo)
  • Spicy Mapo [Tofu] Ramen (Ryō)
  • Vietnamese-Style Lemon Ethnic Ramen (Ryō)
  • Bean Sprouts Stack Miso Ramen (Soup)
  • Yuzukoshō Salty Ramen with Homemade Chicken Cordon Bleu (Soup)
  • Pork Cutlet Miso Ramen (Mamoru)
  • Basket Clam Soy Sauce Ramen (Mamoru)

The original incarnation of Voice Recipe launched last November; this series will be released in stages until December 31. The app was recorded using the "Dummy Head Mike" process, which is supposed to give listeners a more intimate sense, as if they were actually with the actors. The recipes can be downloaded here after buying the corresponding Maruchan instant ramen.

[Via Netlab and Voice Recipe 2 official site]

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