MechaGodzilla Figure Gets Familiar Color Scheme as Eva x Godzilla Cross Over Continues

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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Godzilla's extraterrestrial, robot counterpart got a new paint job is what is the latest Evangelion and Godzilla running crossover that launched with an April Fool's Joke this year. Hideaki Anno serving as chief director the Godzilla Resurgence film is apparently a gift that keeps on giving.

Bandai's "Movie Monster Series" of toys and 7-Eleven are offering a Unit-01 colored MechaGodzilla with pre-orders of Godzilla Resurgence movie tickets. The figure was limited to only 4,000 units and promptly sold out after tickets went on sale on Monday.

Since the original April Fool's illustration by Mahiro Maeda, frequent Godzilla designer Shinji Nishikawa drew a mock-up poster for Bandai's Ichiban Kuji lottery in July, and Yuji Kaida, an artist renowned as the "Kaiju Artist" for his work on giant monsters, drew Unit-01 and Godzilla facing off. Kaida and Maeda's visuals were used as giveaway items for viewers who pre-ordered their tickets. The images appear on clear files with a limited run of 55,555.

Source: Minna no Eva Fan

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