Improve Your Art With Manga Background Drawing Book

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While drawing books that focus on poses, styles, and body proportions are a dime a dozen, few focus on the less glamorous aspect of background art. Terrific background art isn't anything to scoff at though and can very easily became a character in its own right. Tsutomo Nihei's smudgy city infrastructures give his works a feeling of desolation while studios like P.A. Works and Kyoto Animation have garnered a reputation for their serene, beautiful settings.

Assistant Background Art Academy MAEDAX-ha recently published a book teaching how to improve background artwork for manga. MAEDAX-ha is helmed by Kōsaku Maeda, a longtime manga assistant who's worked for Sickness Unto Death's Takahiro Seguchi and Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei's Kōji Kumeta. The book comes recommended by Hayate the Combat Butler's Kenjirō Hata, Hallelujah Overdrive!'s Kōtarō Takata and Black Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul's Sanami Suzuki.

The book goes over everything from perspective, to constructing a scene, tracing, and materials.

Source: Comic Natalie

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