Toshiba Recruits Ultraman's Kaiju to Sell Washing Machines

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Toshiba Lifestyle is teaming up with the Ultraman's Ultra Kaiju monsters to sell a new "ultra fine bubble" washing machine in its Zaboon series. The campaign is launching its second wave on Friday and began streaming a second collaboration video last week.

In the video, the beetle-like Kaiju Zetton works as a cook at a Chinese restaurant. The oil and other flavorings he uses often stain his work uniform. He thinks it's improper for him to wear a dirty uniform, so he wants to keep it clean. However, normal washing leaves stains that he has not been able to remove. Zetton gives Red King his meal, but the latter Kaiju had actually ordered fried rice. In the midst of Red King's complaints, Zetton sees a commercial for a machine that can do "ultra fine bubble washing." Zetton gets one of Toshiba's machines and is "ultra surprised" because whenever he washes his uniform now, all the dirt is removed.

Earlier this month, Toshiba streamed a video starring Red King as a salaryman:

In the video, Red King explains that he has trouble with the collar on his shirt turning yellow from sweat, especially in summer. His busy work schedule leaves him running around to meet clients, sweating more and more. Although the shirt gets clean when it's washed, the collar remains yellow. Red King is frustrated with the unprofessional look of his collar. At the recommendation of an acquaintance, the monster tries one of Toshiba's new washing machines. The "ultra fine bubble" washing machine "ultra saves" him.

The second wave of the collaboration prize campaign is also launching on Friday. Those who watch the collaboration video on the official website and fill in an online form with the keyword from the video will be eligible to receive one of 20 prizes. The A Prize is Duskin gift cards worth 30,000 yen (about US$267), which can be used to pay for a variety of household cleaning services. The B Prize is Ring Bell Mercury Course gift cards worth 30,000 yen, which can be used to purchase food items from a gourmet catalog. The second wave of the campaign is offering ten of each prize, and the promotion will end on August 31. Toshiba Lifestyle will announce the winners on September 5.

Toshiba's collaboration with Dragon Ball's Vegeta launched in December to promote refrigerators. The electronics and appliance maker announced in March that it will continue to sponsor the Sazae-san anime despite the company's financial difficulties.

Source: Dengeki Hobby Web via Otakomu

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