CoroCoro Comic Page Shows Infantile Trump Using 20 Fidget Spinners

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The children's manga magazine CoroCoro Comic runs some of the tamest manga the industry has to offer. Within its pages are the latest chapters of Doraemon, Future Card Buddyfight, the ongoing Pokemon manga, Splatoon, and Snack World. It isn't a place readers would expect to find political commentary, but the August issue released last month has just that.

Inside the issue's chapter of Yo! Daitōryō Torappu-kun by Kohe, the 45th President of the United States is shown on his back, obsessively spinning Fidget Spinners one on top of the other, on his hands, feet, head, tongue, and even his crotch. The spinners are captioned with body parts, including the "ChiXko Spinner" (PeXis Spinner).

The below text includes tongue-in-cheek rap lyrics:

Many are spinning, the Hand Spinners
Tonight is steak and sushi
For a mid-afternoon snack I love red bean dorayaki

The character in the bottom corner looks surprised and exclaims, "It's ridiculous to have [that many!]"

Yo! Daitōryō Torappu-kun is a parody manga starring Trump as millionaire elementary school transfer student that raps. The manga launched in the magazine in May and it has since inspired minute-long web anime episodes. The first episode shows the character farting in his teacher's face before rapping about golden showers (and graphically demonstrating). CoroCoro Comic is streaming the episode with English captions but it is NOT safe for work.

Creator Kohe has retweeted another scene on their Twitter account, including Trump being barbecued.

President Trump previously appeared in a chapter of Baki The Grappler last year, although creator Keisuke Itagaki has featured other politicians, including former President Barack Obama. That manga also didn't portray Trump in a positive light. Trigger's Inferno Cop also mocked the President's policies, personality, and hair in an episode shown at Anime Expo in July.

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