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Naruto Fan's Theme Song Choices for Compilation CD Revealed

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The votes are in for the upcoming Naruto and Naruto Shippuden theme song compilation CD. Fans submitted their votes in the hopes of getting their favorite song on the 11-track album. From the possible choices, staff chose the top five fan-voted tracks to go with six others. Did your favorite make the cut?

  1. "Blood Circulator" (19th OP, Shippuden) by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
  2. "Kara no Kokoro" (20th OP, Shippuden) by Anly
  3. "Ao no Lullaby" (37th ED, Shippuden) by Kuroneko Chelsea
  4. "Pino to Ameri" (38th ED, Shippuden) by Huwie Ishizaki
  5. "Tabidachi no Uta" (39th ED, Shippuden) by Ayumikurikamaki
  6. "Zetsu Zetsu" (40th ED, Shippuden) by Swimy
  7. "Haruka Kanata" (2nd OP) by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
  8. "GO!!!" (4th OP) by FLOW
  9. "Namikaze Satellite" (7th OP) by Snowkel
  10. "CLOSER" (4th OP, Shippuden) by Joe Inoue
  11. "Sign" (6th OP, Shippuden) by FLOW

The NARUTO FINAL BEST album will go on sale on December 13 for 3,200 yen (US$28) as a limited-run CD and DVD set. The collection will be produced until June 30, 2018, and will include a DVD with no-credit opening and ending videos, special package design, and a booklet.

The original Naruto anime debuted in 2002 and aired for 220 episodes over 5 seasons. Naruto Shippuden aired for 21 seasons, ending on the 500th episode in March 2017. Both were based on the original manga by Masashi Kishimoto and produced by Studio Pierrot.

An anime series revolving around Naruto's son and the next generation of shinobi, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, is currently airing, and is available for streaming on Hulu and Crunchyroll. The series is based on writer Ukyō Kodachi and artist Mikie Ikemoto's Boruto spinoff manga.

Source: Jiji.com

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