Fans Express Shock Over Possible 1st Ever Male Precure in Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode Anime (Updated)

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Update: A previous version of this article assumed that a male Precure had shown up in the anime definitively, but the character's Precure status is only fan speculation. Thanks to all the readers who pointed this out. We apologize for reporting as fact what is actually only fan speculation at this point. ANN's corrected article is below.

The Precure franchise may have debuted the first ever male Precure in its franchise history in the 39th episode of Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode on Sunday. The franchise's official YouTube channel posted a preview video for the episode, titled "Shonna~! Precure no Teki wa Ichigozaka!?" (No Way~! The Precure's Enemy is Ichigozaka!?), in October that showed a brief glimpse of the character at the end. Spoilers here if you don't want to know the possible Precure's identity!

The character Julio, who is actually a fairy named Pikario (seen below), woke from a slumber and came to the assistance of the other Precures in the episode.

The official Twitter account of Toei Animation also noted after the broadcast on Sunday that the anime's official website added a character visual for the human form of Pikario.

Fans were shocked at the possible appearance of a male Precure, and they took to Twitter to express their surprise.

Although elementary schools girls in Japan have long been able to envision themselves as Precures, maybe the dream will also be more attainable now for their male counterparts. Might this be the start of a new wave of magical boys?

[Via Otakomu, Nijimen]

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