Row Row Fight the Powah With Umaibō Snacks

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The characters from Yaokin's Umaibō puffed corn snacks have had enough of the Anti-Spiral threat ruining their sanctioned snack time! Voice actors Tetsuya Kakihara (Simon) and Katsuyuki Konishi (Kamina) are together again in a new commercial taking obvious inspiration from Gurren Lagann. The commercial mimics the anime series' final battle against the Anti-Spiral, even recreating some of the stylistic design choices. The result is a really intense ad for an upcoming cafe collaboration.

Kakihara begins the video by singing Namco's slogan as Simon. The video then jumps to the climax of Simon and friends' final battle against the Anti-Spiral—with Umaibō characters appearing as the anime's cast. The Simon-like character says a variation of Simon's speech from the scene in the original anime. He says, "Not yet! We can still eat! You're—I understand. Let's do this!" The rest of his speech and the animation continue to mimic the anime's scene, down to the cuts.

Lordgenome as a giant Umaibō helps Simon produce Umaibō-like drills to attack the Anti-Spiral. The Umaibō drills break apart in the battle. Just before the enemy's ultimate defeat, Simon says "That's Umaibō!" instead of "That's a drill!" The character acknowledges all his friends and comrades, including those who already gave their lives to the cause. He adds, "My Umaibō is the drill that creates the heavens! Taste it!" Kamina then introduces the cafe while remarking on the might of Simon's Umaibō. The Anti-Spiral is then defeated. Finally, Konishi sings the Namco slogan as Kamina to end the video.

Starting on December 14, Tokyo's AniON STATION AKIHABARA will offer a Gurren Lagann cafe with a menu and merchandise inspired by the series. Patrons can purchase request tickets at the cafe to get their favorite episode or song played during their meal.

If you finish your meal early but still want to hang out, there's also coloring pages of the characters.

Umaibō previously collaborated with other popular series for short commercials, including Sword Art Online, Monogatari Series Second Season, and Madoka Magica. A life-size figure of the snacks' mascot character Umami-chan also debuted in June.

[Via Nijimen]

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