Sephiroth Strikes New Fear in Mobius Final a Hero?

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Square Enix's Mobius Final Fantasy episodic PC and mobile role-playing game has routinely introduced characters from its huge franchise roster. Final Fantasy X's Tidus jumped into the fray last year and now the game is turning to one of series' most iconic villains.

Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth will be introduced as a hero within the game until March 31. The role reversal is a new one for the One-Winged Angel whose usual modus operandi is, well, controlling the entire planet.

Players can summon Sephiroth as part of the Fatal Calling Part 1 event. The summoning causes the main character to transform into Ultimate Hero Sephiroth and continue battling. The game is also adding the Sephiroth-inspired job class during the event, "Despair Hero." When the character manages to summon the job class, their equipment changes to match Sephiroth and they gain the Octaslash attack.

The game is also adding more Final Fantasy VII job classes. The Flower Girl of Midgar class is a Meia Legend Job inspired by Aeris and will be available until March 1. Players can also get the Sephiroth Dissidia Final Fantasy card as a log in bonus this month, take on the "Sephiroth Descends" multiplayer quest, and play Fatal Calling Part 2 on Februray 8 and Part 3 on February 15.

[Via Siliconera (Jenni)]

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