Final Fantasy VI's Kefka is Secretly Handsome

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Which Final Fantasy villain would you consider the most handsome? You'd probably raise your hand for long-haired and brooding Sephiroth, the smirking Kuja, the purple-themed Caius Ballad, or even Seymour Guado (his hair is kinda weird, but you do you). Near the bottom of that list would be Final Fantasy VI's Kefka, a literal crazed clown.

Have you considered what the maniacal foe looks like beneath his garish make-up? Japanese Twitter user @skyhihihi1 set out to reveal Kefka's true face by removing the make-up from a Final Fantasy XIV screenshot. The results definitely help the villain jump up the rungs on the handsome Final Fantasy foe ladder.

The tweet has received 17,000 likes so far, with some commentors even comparing Kefka's likeness to David Bowie.

[Via Sora News 24 (Casey Baseel)]

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