Flareon, Jolteon Join Eevee Trainer Illustration Project

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Project Eevee is a special spin-off merchandise campaign dedicated to Pokémon's most evolved monster. Merchandiser MOVIC is helping support the venture by enlisting popular illustrators to draw trainer companions for the different evolutions, and the first round debuted in late April. Artists Yumenōchi, Dan Ichikawa, Kuraen Mori and Mengo Yokoyari designed the trainers for Vaporeon, Glaceon, original Eevee, and Sylveon.

Joining the crew is Jolteon and Flareon with their respective trainers Kōga Ikazuchi and Miyabi Endō.

Jolteon and Kōga Ikazuchi were designed by boys-love manga author Nachi Aono (THEO).

Flareon and Miyabi Endō were designed by Fate franchise illustrator Nakahara.

There are still more Eevee-lutions that need respective trainer designs, so there will probably be further updates. What MOVIC and Project Eevee plan to do with this characters is also unclear.

Which one is your favorite so far?

[Via Nijimen]

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