Takuya Eguchi Voices Ikemen Character for Smart Speaker Personal Trainer App

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Stoic Gym is offering a new in-home ikemen personal trainer targeted at women. The PhysiKare smart speaker app will debut on August 30.

The app's name is a portmanteau of the English word "physical" and the Japanese word for "boyfriend." The app is compatible with smart speakers that use Google Assistant, such as the Google Home. Smartphones with the Google Assistant app can also use the new training app.

PhysiKare lets users interact with the 28-year-old male physical trainer character Kei Naruse, voiced by Takuya Eguchi. Kei can encourage users during exercise sessions and provide motivational support for people on diet and fitness journeys. In addition to conversations about training, Kei can also make small talk, and users can get a sense for his personality.

Smart speakers have already let users interact with non-ikemen characters such as Doraemon and Pikachu.

Source: Stoic Gym via Nijimen

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