Chat With Pikachu via Google Home, Amazon Alexa

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The Pokémon Company announced on Wednesday that it will release the Pikachu Talk app for Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Amazon Alexa smart speakers in Japan this year. The app is slated to launch outside Japan in 2018.

Users will be able to have a conversation with Pikachu through their smart speakers. However, The Pokémon Company may have to launch a Pikachu language translator before fans can understand the electric mouse's responses. Unlike a handful of Pokémon that can communicate in human speech, Pikachu will only be able to reply with its usual "pika pika" phrases in the upcoming app.

The Snapchat app also offered a chance for Pokémon fans to become Pikachu in August. Pikachu lovers may want to purchase a Pikachu Edition Nintendo 2DS XL variant, which is shipping on November 17. For the ultimate Pikachu experience, people can attend the Pikachu Outbreak event that is held every August in Yokohama.

Source: ITmedia (井上輝一)

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