Production I.G Animates Readyyy! Idol Game's Opening

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Sega revealed its idol training smartphone game Readyyy! earlier this year starring 18 idols ready to take the world's stage. The 18 idols are divvied up into five idol units: SP!CA, RayGlanZ, Just4U, La-Veritta, and Maten Rocket.

The game isn't playable yet, but Sega is building up a fanbase by releasing new music videos of the individual units. The first featured RayGlanZ members Chihiro Usui (Masamu Ono), Tōya Munakata (Shūma Konoe) and Ango Kōsaka (Katsuyuki Miura).

The video was followed with a music video of SP!CA members Samon Nishikido (Norihito Hase), Hiro Igarashi (Hayato Komiya), Mitsuki Kuze (Tetsuei Sumiya), Azusa Konno (Atsushi Endō), and Takumi Kurumizawa (Noriaki Kanze) in June.

Sega is accepting pre-registration applications for the game now. The company also debuted a third video, this one 2D animated by Production I.G, that will serve as the game's opening sequence on Sunday.

The game is set in Kamakura, and the story's protagonist is a newly-minted producer of the Dia Production talent agency. But the protagonist is also the manager of the dormitory where 18 idols are all living together.

Source: Readyyy! Official Site via Dengeki Online

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