HoneyWorks Creates Music Video About Love Story Between Girl and Cat Mascot Character

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Music and video creator group HoneyWorks has posted an original music video on their YouTube channel telling a sweet yet rather unusual love story. Titled Chiisana Raion (lit. "little lion"), the music video follows a cat named Futenyan who falls in love with a girl who takes care of him. He becomes a human in order to be with her, but their time together is short.

Futenyan is the mascot character of Y!Mobile, a Japanese telecommunications company. The music video was created in collaboration with Y!Mobile. Futenyan has appeared in many different advertisement campaigns, but this is his first time playing the part of a romantic hero.

Futenyan the mascot character, as depicted by Y!Mobile.

Futenyan as depicted by HoneyWorks.

Futenyan's human form is called "Minami." According to his profile, his birthday is on February 22 and his personality is described as "clumsy and lacking in social graces." He is voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuri Katsuki from Yuri!!! on Ice). Toyonaga commented on the video, saying that he had a lot of freedom developing the character.

Futenyan as the human boy Minami.

The song in the video is performed by both Toyonaga and musical duo LIPxLIP. LIPxLIP is comprised of two fictional teen idols Yujiro and Aizo, who are voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki and Kouki Uchiyama. Teen model Hibiki Miyahara also makes an appearance in the video.

The credits for the music video are as follows:

Lyrics/Composition/Editing: HoneyWorks

Guitar: Nakanishi

Bass: shito

Keyboard: cake

Drums: Leon Yuki

Chorus: halyosy

Strings: Daisuke Kadowaki Strings

Illustrations: Mogeratta

The song will stream on music sites from December 1. Y!Mobile has launched a website for the collaboration.

HoneyWorks is a music and video creating team. Their Vocaloids songs The Moment You Fall in Love and Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart. have inspired anime adaptations. A smartphone app game based on HoneyWorks' songs is also in development.

Source: Nijimen

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