Bungo Stray Dogs's Osamu Dazai Cameos in Eureka Seven Film

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Real-life author Osamu Dazai is the author of the classic Japanese short story No Longer Human and is famous for his both his literary work and troubled personal life. In the manga and anime series Bungo Stray Dogs, Dazai gets a new lease on life as a supernaturally powered detective working with other literary bigwigs. At some point he must make time to pen his famous novel because he appears on the cover in an entirely different anime: the second film in the Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution film trilogy.

The official Twitter account for the Bungo Stray Dogs anime franchise tweeted a screenshot from the Anemone: Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution film on Tuesday. The image shows the character Banks reading a copy of No Longer Human. The staff wrote in the tweet that it's nice that this collaboration could happen in time for studio Bones' 20th anniversary. BONES is the animation studio for both series.

Anemone: Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution opened in theaters in Japan on November 10. The film centers on Anemone, a girl who lost her father in a battle in Tokyo seven years prior to the film's story, leaving her with only her stuffed toy Gulliver, and the AI concierge Dominikids for emotional support. Now she is a key part of a strategy by the experimental unit "Acid" to combat the seventh Eureka, "Eureka Seven," an enemy of humanity that has killed 2.6 billion people. Driven to the brink, all of humanity entrusts its hope to Anemone as she dives deep into the interior of Eureka Seven.

Funimation will debut the film in theaters in 2019.

The Bungo Stray Dogs anime includes two television series and the Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple film. Plans for a third television season were announced in July.

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