Stuntmen Recreate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Real Life

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Also: cops play gamers after being called for launch-day noise

Fans around the world are reveling in all that the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate crossover fighting game has to offer. Even before the launch, the title's impressive pre-order sales proved that Ultimate would be a special installment in the franchise. The game launched last Friday, and fans are still riding the hype train since The Game Awards revealed Persona 5's Joker will join the game's already comprehensive roster.

With all the excitement, it's only natural that some players would daydream about what Smash would be like in the real world. They don't need to wonder anymore because director Micah Moore and a team of stuntmen produced a high-quality video that showcases a Smash brawl in real life.

Moore posted the video on his YouTube channel on Tuesday. The video stars Ben Aycrigg as Mario, Matt Scheib as Captain Falcon, Alex Hashioka as Link, and Tang Nguyen as Ness. According to Moore, the stuntmen have previously doubled for stars on popular TV shows and also performed stunts in Marvel movies. When not exploring choreography and stunt ideas, the group also "sometimes [takes] on the roles of their favorite video game characters."

Moore's previous pop culture videos have included a tribute to cosplay at Katsucon and a reinterpretation of The Legend of Zelda as a Western film.

Though the above video is all fun and games, as every Smash player knows, matches can get serious. Rowdy feuds between friends—or soon-to-be enemies—can lead to noisy chaos in real life as well as on screen.

That lesson hit home for Smash fan Jovante M. Williams when his neighbors called the police on him and his friends for being too noisy while playing. The encounter could have been intense, but it turned out differently than expected as the friendly law enforcement officers decided to join in.

Williams and his friends had apparently been playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on launch day when cops arrived. Fortunately, it seems the gamers were in the clear as Williams' new "homies" joined in the fun. Unfortunately, there is no word on who won the virtual fight.

Sources: Micah Moore's YouTube account, Jovante M. Williams' Facebook account via Game*Spark, Hachima Kikō

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