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Sega revealed its idol training smartphone game Readyyy! last year starring 18 idols ready to take the world's stage. The 18 idols are divvied up into five idol units: SP!CA, RayGlanZ, Just4U, La-Veritta, and Maten Rocket. Since the game's announcement, Sega has released music videos for RayGlanZ, SP!CA, and La-Veritta as well as the game's opening sequence animated by Production I.G The game has doubled its pre-registrations since October and released a new music video focusing on Maten Rocket to celebrate 100,000 pre-registered players.

The official Readyyy! Twitter account revealed full version of Maten Rocket "Kimi ga Mita Sora wa" music video on December 25.

"Kimi ga Mita Sora wa" by Maten Rocket

Maten Rocket is Sōshi Fujiwara (Ryūichi Sawada), Zen Iseya (Tomohiro Ōmachi), Junnosuke Sanada (Sōnosuke Hattori), and Aki Takachiho (Shūichirō Umeda).

The music videos are produced by Dandelion Animation Studio (The Girl in Twilight, Pingu in the City).

The idol training smartphone game is set in Kamakura, and the story's protagonist is a newly-minted producer of the Dia Production talent agency. But the protagonist is also the manager of the dormitory where 18 idols are all living together.

[Via Nijimen]

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