Man Jailed for Robbing Homes While Cosplaying Evangelion's Rei

posted on by Kim Morrissy

A man has received a three-year penal labor sentence for robbing homes, TV Asahi reported on Monday. In February, the man broke into a home in Munakata, Fukuoka, while dressed in Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay. He stole approximately 17,000 yen (US$155) in cash.

Tetsuya Fujisawa is a 37-year-old unemployed man. He has previously been known to break into homes while dressed in a bunny girl outfit. According to the Fukuoka district court, the fact that he had committed another crime 10 days after being apprehended by the law indicates that he was in the habit of breaking into homes.

Update: The article headline previously identified the costume and Shinji's plugsuit instead of Rei's plugsuit.

Source: TV Asahi via Otakomu

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