All 2nd Generation Pokémon Turned Into Plushies for 'My 251' Campaign

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The official Pokémon Centers in Japan released the original 151 Pokémon from the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow games as plushies late last year and are now moving on to the second generation: Pokémon Gold and Silver. The new monsters first seen in 1999 will appear at Pokémon Centers on June 8. Combined with the previous generation, fans can pick and choose their favorites from 278 Pokémon. (Pokémon Gold and Silver introduced 100 new varieties of Pokémon but Unown has multiple designs.)

The official site for the "My 251" campaign will launch of June 8. It mirrors the previous generation's "My 151" campaign with stickers, store shopping bags, and specially designed delivery boxes.

A social media contest centering on the new plushies will launch oh June 8. Pokémon Cafes will also get into the swing of things by offering a themed menu.

Those looking to collect 'em all will need to get their wallets ready. Just buying the original 151 put one fan out about 180,000 yen or US$1,600.

Source: Pokemon Center page via Nijimen

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