IGN: Catherine: Full Body Game's English Release Changes Deadname Credits

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Additional dialogue involving trans character may also be changed

Atlus USA's release of Catherine: Full Body will include some changes to the game's credit sequence and in-game dialogue to remove transphobic comments by the characters, according to a recent review by IGN's Casey Defreitas.

The original Catherine game released in 2011 included a trans character named Erica. In the game's credits Erica is referred to by her previous name Eric Anderson with the name "EricA" written in parenthesis. The Japanese release of Catherine: Full Body listed the character's name the same way but IGN states that this is changed in the English-language release to "properly name" the character.

Some players were initially upset at Atlus' decision to list the character by her previous name. The act of referring to a trans person by their birth name, a name they no longer go by, is commonly referred to as "deadnaming." Purposefully deadnaming a trans person is considered transphobic behavior. Companies like Twitter have added the act of deadnaming individuals to its hateful conduct policy.

IGN's review also says that some dialogue referring to Erica may have also been changed in the English release. The review didn't outright confirm dialogue changes or what dialogue was changed if the changes were made.

Players have pointed out that in the game's previous release, Vincent invalidates Erica's gender during a conversation with her. One example is a line where Erica tells Vincent, "Still, you guys really need to learn how a girl's heart works. A girl is always hoping someone will come and sweep her away." Vincent responds to Erica with "...I'd be more convinced if a woman was telling me this."

Vincent is not considered an ideal protagonist, according to Atlus USA PR manager Jonathon Stebel. Stebel told IGN, “I don't think we're supposed to [identify with Vincent]. I think we're just supposed to kind of be confused by the way that he thinks. [It's] frustrating for a main character that you control...Just like, please get your life together, [Vincent].”

Catherine: Full Body adds a "third Catherine" character named Qatherine (Rin for short), who is a new love interest for Vincent with distinct storyline elements and additional puzzle content. The game also has new storyline elements for Catherine and Katherine.

The game will launch for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe on September 3. The launch edition will include the game in a metal case. Atlus USA will offer a "heart's desire" premium edition, which will include a sheep plush, soundtrack, hardcover art book, metal case, and collector's box. People who pre-order the game digitally will receive an exclusive static theme.

The game shipped for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on February 14.

Source: IGN (Casey Defreitas) via Resetera, NESbot

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