Delicious in Dungeon Manga Gets Tasty 30-Second Anime Ad by TRIGGER

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Ryōko Kui's Delicious in Dungeon manga about beastly gourmet was adapted into a 30-second anime ad to promote the release of its eighth volume. The animated commercial began streaming on Thursday, approximately a week before the volume's release on September 14.

The ad shows the kind of intimidating creatures heroes must hunt to create their delicious dishes: slimes, mandrakes, krakens, and even dragons. Readers can also get the first look at at anime versions of Laios, Marcille, Chilchuck, and Senshi.

Promare and Kill la Kill animation Studio Trigger produced the ad.

Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi) is currently serialized in Kadokawa's Harta magazine. Theron Martin described the story in his review:

Once upon a time, a collapse in the catacombs of a tiny village led to the discovery of a vast dungeon, which supposedly hid an ancient city cursed by an evil magician, with untold treasures awaiting whoever could defeat him. Years later, Laios and his party of adventurers were getting close to that goal, but hunger (resulting from a loss of supplies) hampered them from defeating the penultimate obstacle, a dragon – at least that's how Laios interprets the loss. Laios is eager to return and recover his sister who was eaten by the dragon, but party defections and a lack of supplies has put them in dire straits. The solution he comes up with is simple: they'll just eat the things they kill in the dungeon. Though Marcille, the party's elven wizard, is averse to the idea, they happen across a dwarf who happens to be an expert on dungeon recipes, helping them discover the gourmet secrets of the dungeon.

Yen Press licensed the series and released the seventh volume on October 29. The series was nominated for this year's Manga Taisho awards.

Source: Comic Natalie

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