Kochikame Creator Publishes 1st Business Tips Book

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Kochikame manga creator Osamu Akimoto will publish his first book on business titled Akimoto Osamu no Shigoto-jutsu (Osamu Akimoto's Work Technique) on August 5. The book details how Akimoto managed to serialize a successful manga for 40 years through schedule management and introduces how to create a similar life rhythm for office workers.

Akimoto's technique centers on creating "free time" for busy workers so they have time to enjoy their hobbies or travel. Because he likes drawing oneshots, he found ways to reduce the amount of time it took per week to draw a Kochikame chapter to around 4-5 days. Akimoto noted in an interview with Sponichi Annex that he utilized Shueisha's employee notebook for schedule management each year.

"By building up free time for next week and the week after, I would get the time to draw oneshots," he said. "I'd built up to five weeks of drawing time." Nevertheless, Akimoto concedes that he may have been able to achieve this because Kochikame is a gag manga where every chapter tells a complete story.

Kochikame wrapped in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2016, after 40 years of serialization. Akimoto launched a sequel in Ultra Jump titled Ii Yu da ne! (What a Nice Bath!) in 2017 and it ended in June. Since Kochikame ended, Akimoto has also created the Black Tiger and Mr. Clice manga.

Source: Sponichi Annex via Otakomu

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