JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Animation Director Reports That He Has Now Been Paid

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Last week, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind animation director Kohei Ashiya wrote a thread on Twitter claiming that he has not been paid for his work on the series despite the final episode airing over two months ago. On Monday, he reported that although the matter has not been fully resolved yet, he has now been paid for his work.

Ashiya's explanation of the situation as it currently stands is as follows: He has worked on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure since the first television series as well as other productions, and has had no problems with payments until he worked on the Golden Wind anime. The production had a different setup, and the paperwork had to be filed in a certain way by a go-between agent in order for his invoices to get paid. It wasn't that he forgot to file his invoices, but rather that the production company forgot to remind him the proper procedure for filing the invoice this time.

Fortunately, Ashiya said that he was able to get in touch with a producer quickly and was able to receive his payment. However, he also believes that he is owed compensation for the late payment under sub-contracting law. He also added that he did not receive a contract outlining all of these procedures, and that this situation was unique to this particular production.

Although Ashiya said he has made concrete steps towards resolving the issue, on Thursday he mentioned his worries that he may not be invited to work on future Jojo's Bizarre Adventure productions. "Nobody has reached out to me about the Kishibe Rohan project which is already underway."

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind was produced at David Production, like previous seasons. The first episode premiered in October 2018. Ashiya was an animation director on episodes 22 and 23, and was an assistant animation director on episodes 18 and 19. He also drew key animation for episodes 1 and 2, and second key animation for episodes 18-21. Ashiya is credited as an animation director for all the previous seasons as well.

Source: Kohei Ashiya's Twitter account

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