BL Manhwa Artist Haesin Young Threatens Legal Action Against Manga Piracy Site Mangago (Updated)

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'The behavior of the illegal uploader made me feel worst. Can't you consider a writer without money?'

A user claiming to be Haesin Young, creator of the BL manhwa Pian Pian, posted a message on the comic's page on manga piracy site Mangago last Thursday asking users to stop illegally uploading the manhwa. She spoke of losing her motivation to draw manhwa due to the piracy and threatened legal action against the website. Her full message is below:

Hello. I'm Haesin Young, the author of this cartoon.

Today I am launching Season 2 service of Pian Pian in Korea. I just sent the manuscript. But I got very bad news.

The behavior of the illegal uploader made me feel worst. Can't you consider a writer without money? Do you think you can support me by uploading illegally here? really? I want to ask.

You said you uploaded for people with no money. The result threatens the artist's livelihood. Thanks to you, I became a beggar. The message you left is very funny. Mocked me.

I wrote here in February. And I saw an accusation against me. Many people say that my cartoons are expensive and are not worth living, because they are not fun.

Yes. In your eyes, it may seem that my cartoon is not worth the money. But this cartoon is the result of my effort, without compromise. I just want to be paid for my effort.

Illegal users tell me many reasons. To convince me. Why? Because you do not want to admit that you are a criminal. Do not justify your crime.

If my cartoon isn't worth reading, and it's expensive, don't buy it. It's a very simple matter. My cartoon is not free. Do not deceive me and readers.

Illegal uploader. I lost all the motivation to draw cartoons. This is a great gift to celebrate the start of season 2. Wow! It's amazing

I wanted to solve this by conversation. But the result is terrible. If I talked sincerely, I thought I would deliver. I was so stupid.

Even if it takes time, we will try to punish illegal uploaders and users. I hope you will get paid for theft someday.

This is my last post. You no longer communicate.

(Google translation)

On Instagram, she went into detail about the specific actions she is taking against piracy websites, mentioning that she is monitoring illegal copies and translations through DMCA Pro. "I'm trying to legally punish illegal site uploaders and users, even if it takes some time," she wrote.

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Hello, I'm Haesin Young. ⠀ I wrote an article about illegal copies in ‘M**g**o’ yesterday. What I want most is for the <Pian Pian> to be deleted from ‘M**g**o’. But they ignore my request, Some ‘M**g**o’ users blame me for my cartoons being expensive. ⠀ If my cartoon is expensive and not worth buying, don't buy it, it's a very simple problem. Seeing my cartoon as an illegal copy because the coins of Lezhin Comics are expensive can't be the basis for you violating my copyright, don't rationalize your theft. ⠀ I don't think that people who see <Pian Pian> on illegal sites are readers. Because there is a legitimate way to buy. It is a common value for most writers. The author says that readers are those who buy and watch legitimately published comics. What the reader of the illegal site claims to be a fan is the act of deceiving the right buyer and the writer. ⠀ I started English service to meet many readers, but the results are terrible. My cartoon is more than 10 times subscribed to ‘M**g**o’ than Lezhin Comics, the official serial site. Some users refer to the serialization site for <Pian Pian> as ‘M**g**o’. ⠀ Currently, I'm monitoring illegal copies and translations through DMCA Pro, and I'm trying to legally punish illegal site uploaders and users, even if it takes some time. ⠀ If you want the writer to continue working on comics, stop using illegal sites right now. Illegal copies and translations steal the author's income, and make the author sick and distressed. ⠀ My cartoon costs one candy per episode. I don't want you to be a criminal who steals candy. ⠀ I only want to convey good news to my official account in the future. Your support helps me a lot. Please protect the copyright of <Pian Pian> so that I can draw better cartoons. ⠀ 2020.02.16 Haesin Young ⠀ ※ This article was written by Google Translator. I hope my article will be delivered without error. ⠀ #레진코믹스 #웹툰 #BL웹툰 #피옌피옌 #lezhincomics #webtoon #bl #piānpiān #レジンコミックス #偏偏 #ピィェンピィェン

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Haesin Young began serializing the Pian Pian manhwa on the webtoon site Lezhin in 2019. The first chapters can be read for free while subsequent chapters must be paid for using coins purchased through the site. The title also has official English and Japanese translations hosted in Lezhin. The synopsis from the English version is as follows:

In the world of “Pian Pian,” people are born with the initials of their soulmates on their bodies. The location of these “imprints” is unique to the individual, but the meaning behind the letters is the same. Sooha's happens to be located in a – ahem – very private location. The chances of actually uniting with one's soulmates is rather slim, but that hasn't stopped Sooha. Not only does he believes he will find his, but he has refused to enter into any other relationship until then. But lately his handsome boss chef Calix has had him feeling some feels “down there...” He thought he was alone in these feelings until the chef suddenly started showing interest in him. Could the tides be finally changing for our innocent Sooha?

Fellow BL manga artist Hatoko Machiyo issued a similar statement last week asking readers not to pay for scanlations of her work. Gangsta. manga creator Kohsuke expressed similar sentiments in October. Multiple creators issued supportive comments after pirate manga site Mangamura was shut down last year.

Update (3/17): Pian Pian's page has been removed from Mangago. Thanks Crayzayaoi for the tip.

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