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Pop Team Epic Creator Launches YouTube Channel, Introduces Cats

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Okawa turned 35 and adopted three cats, all named for Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Pop Team Epic creator Bkub Okawa announced on October 3 that he launched his own YouTube channel to commemorate his 35th birthday. His first video introduces his three cats, Ter-chan, Comma-chan, and Pū-chan. All three cats are named for films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Okawa wrote on YouTube that his three rescue cats joined his household about three weeks ago. Ter-chan (Tā-chan) is named after Terminator 2, and constantly craves attention. Ter-chan is about a month older than the other two cats and likes to cuddle and be around people.

Comma-chan (Koma-chan) is named after Commando and enjoys playing with their siblings. Comma-chan is the smallest of the trio and the most kitten-like, so they sometimes annoy Ter-chan and Pū-chan.

Pū-chan is named after Predator and is the largest is size and the best climber. Pū-chan is laidback compared to her siblings and is a bit clumsy. Pū-chan and Comma-chan have the same parents. Okawa noted that their eyes, which appear whitish in the video, were checked out a veterinarian. Okawa was told that both cats can see normally and don't require medical intervention. Their vision should not get any worse but both will be seen regularly by a vet to monitor it.

[Via Otakomu]

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