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Nintendo Marks Famicom Console's 40th Birthday with Life-Size Paper Replica With Sounds

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
Eject button actually ejects included Super Mario Bros. cartridge replica

Shogakukan's Televi-Kun magazine is a staple of Japanese childhood. It provides an introduction to manga as well as info on the latest tokusatsu heroes and video games. But sometimes the magazine will publish special editions for adults to relive their childhood, such as this new one celebrating the 40th anniversary of Nintendo's Famicom game console (a.k.a. Nintendo Entertainment System overseas).

Image via x.com

The Famicom 40th Anniversary X (formerly Twitter) account announced the special edition on June 14. The edition will bundle a life-size paper-craft Famicom with a Super Mario Bros. cartridge on July 1.

The Famicom 40th anniversary commemorative book Famicom 40th Year comes with a 1/1-size paper model of the Famicom console as a suppliement. Shogakukan will release the book around July 1. #ファミコン40周年 [Famicom 40th Anniversary]

A subsequent post on the Televi-Kun X/Twitter account on June 17 showed the life-size model papercraft Famicom system and Super Mario Bros. cartridge. Looking at the photos in the post, the paper models are true replicas of the system and game with all the printed text, switches, vents, and cable ports.

Dedicated to all 19 million Famicom fans!
"Famicom 40th Anniversary" shipping around July 1.
In cooperation with Nintendo
Buitd-It-Yourself super realistic Family Computer
A paper bonus extra that's beyond realistic
It looks amazing from any angle, from above, behind, or the side!

#ファミコン [Famicom]
#ファミコン40周年 [Famicom 40th Anniversary]

However, the paper-craft Famicom isn't the only extra to come with the August special edition of Televi-Kun. According to both Famitsu and Mantan Web, when pressing the start, select, B, and A buttons on the player 1 controller, the controller will play sounds from Super Mario Bros. Additionally, the magazine will include a special Famicom notebook, a sticker set featuring the box art of popular Famicom game characters, a poster with the original Famicom box art, and second poster featuring the box art of popular Famicom games. The special issue will also include interviews with Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Super Mario Bros. and other games), Yuji Horii (creator of Dragon Quest), Kou Shibusawa (Producer at Koei Tecmo), and Meijin Takahashi (former executive of Hudson Soft).

The August special edition of Televi-Kun looks to be one for the dedicated fans of the Famicom game system. It's unfortunate it will only be available in Japan, though, as there are certainly Famicom enthusiasts around the world. The magazine is slated to release on July 1 for 2,860 yen (about US$18).

Sources: Famicom 40th Anniversary's X/Twitter account, Televi-Kun's X/Twitter account, Mantan Web, Famitsu

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