Five Questions with Hiroaki Yura

by Jon Hayward,
Eminence Orchestra's latest concert "A Night in Fantasia 2007: Anime Edition" is on this Sunday in Sydney and to celebrate we've already given out a pile of passes. Better yet, we were able to contact Hiroaki Yura and ask him five questions, but what do you ask a man who founded one of the most
  1. To start off with, what are you currently rehearsing? ; ) Is there any particular songs that the Eminence Orchestra is having difficulty getting to sound just right?

    Yura: We are currently rehearsing Yuki Kajiura's music. Although not an orchestra but rather an ensemble made out of principal of the orchestra, we do not have much problem tackling these pieces.

  2. Over your entire musical career so far, has there been a single event that has stood out from the rest?

    Yura: Not particularly. Every event I do, I try to out do myself all the time. So in terms of musical content and its performance, I don't see anything “special” as each event is really unique. However, performing in Otakon (Baltimore US) was a blast! Never knew people can get so excited with our music.

  3. At the moment Eminence specializes in orchestral and largely classical music performances. Will we see Eminence steer in a new musical direction anytime soon?

    Yura: Well we've always done ensemble works, also next year, we may concentrate on specific works by specific composers/companies. It is still under discussion, but we may also have a new string of CDs out next year.

  4. Is there any chance of seeing Eminence contributing to the growing video games industry in Australia?

    Yura: Yes, we are speaking to Australian developers to see what we can do together. We have quite an extensive experience recording for Soundtracks for movies and games and we sure do have a lot to share.

  5. What words of wisdom can you impart to aspiring anime-loving musicians?

    Yura: Hmmm… that would be if you love the music, arrange it for your own instrument and play your heart out. Nothing more musical then knowing what you want to do with your performance.

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