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Disney's Martin Blythe disclosed through "Ryoko" of Ghiblink more of their plans for further releases of Kiki's Delivery Service as well as other Ghibli films. According to Blythe, subtitled releases of the rest of the Ghibli films are more than likely, depending on how well the subtitled version of Kiki's Delivery Service does. This version was announced last month, and is tentatively set for release on September 29 for the price of $19.99, and a special 800 number has been set up for the release. (800-207-9440) All Ghibli subtitled releases will be retranslated entirely from the Japanese, and will be approved by Tokuma Shoten

According to Buena Vista customer service representitives, they are taking pre-orders now, but won't ship for about three to four weeks. Shipping is an additional $1.99.

When asked why the music was altered for the American release, Blythe said, "This is extremely complex but the basic answer is "cultural difference." We tested the dubbed version in different forms with live audiences and the silences from the original just didn't work. We believe the changes are relatively minor except to purists but we recommend they get the sub-titled version anyway."

Blythe also denied the rumor that the screenplay for Kiki's was taken from the earlier Streamline dub. Meanwhile, last week the dubbed release slipped from number 8 to number 9 on the Blockbuster sales charts, and industry observers note that sales seem to be "fast," especially following an extremely favorable review on TV's "Siskel & Ebert" review program, as well as several other reviewers. This despite a press release from the Concerned Women of America, who complained that the film glamorized witchcraft.

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