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Jerry Chu of Bandai revealed that as of the next tape released of both Silent Mobius and Brain Powerd, they will be switching to releasing 6 episodes per tape. Previously they had shipped each with two
episodes. Prices will remain the same. Furthermore, Bandai said they
eventually hope to have both titles released on DVD, however, they are not at the top of Bandai's "to do" list.

It was also stated that Vision of Escaflowne will be released on DVD this June and Outlaw Star will arrive in July and may feature the same price/format that Cowboy Bebop is. Gundam Wing will not be released subtitled on VHS. Bandai also may not concentrate on the original Gundam for the forseeable future. Bandai will also be holding a panel tomorrow on their model kit expansion.

ANN thanks Jonathan Harmon for submitting this news.

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