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posted on 2000-03-15 14:14 EST
The San Franciso based company called Studio Punch, has posted their first pilot episode(which requires the Macromedia Flash Plug-in to view) on their website The company is specializing in Anime style animation and Computer Graphics (CG) rendering. The also have a website where you can see how they create their movies and to how to properly animate in the anime style at Understanding Anime, also done by Studio Punch.

The lead designer of Studio Punch, Tipatat Chennavasin, gave ANN some information about their upcoming work.

Q. How many people are a part of Studio Punch?
A. We are about 20 people total, split up between hardcore Computer Animators working on a full CG short and the hardcore Internet Animation team working on and traditional hand drawn animation. Roughly 5 or 6 people worked on the pilot episode on, myself included.

Q. Where are you located?
A. We are located in San Francisco.

Q. What is this new type of format that your company is creating?
A. "We hope to create a new format of Anime, called "Original Internet Animetion" or OIA for short, where as film, television, and OVA (original video animetion) are the established formats. Essentially similar to OVA but much shorter in length per episode and obviously downloable off the internet!

Q. How often do you plan to release new episodes?
A. We plan to have new OIA episodes downloadable from our site every month.

Q. Have you seen any other project such as yourselvs?
A.In terms of other Flash/anime sites, I have not seen any others, but there are more in the US Comic Book realm like Showtime's and Stan Lee's There are some cool intro animations for flash games out there too.

Q. Would you like to see other anime internet studio such as yourselves producing OIA's?
A. Would would love to have more companies producing OIA. We believe we're the next generation of animation. We plan in the future to come up with our own original designs and characters. We'd also be open to producing an original series licensed from well known anime series, such as a new Robotech story.

Q. Have you attended any anime convention showing off your work?
A. We actually went to Fanime in San Jose but more as fans since we didn't have the pilot up although we did pass out cards which were well received. We plan to submit our film to Sakura Con's animation contest, as well other various anime and animation contests around the world. We do plan on visiting certain cons to promote our stuff (cost permitting). We don't have a set convention yet where we plan to hold our own panel.

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