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posted on 2000-07-09 12:15 EDT
Andy Turner was kind enough to provide the following translation of what appears on the front cover of Love Magazine.


The front cover is an announcement of a new television animation. It has the popular Ryouko from "Tenchi Muyou! Ryo-ohki" and Akari from "Daiundokai" (Battle Athletes).

* The start of a new serialized manga *
We will produce the original comic "Tenchi Muyou!",
"700 year ravuxaazu": "chibajirou".
You will find more of Tenchi Muyou's 1st universe in comics.
Its popularity is rising quickly.
With four color pages and 28 black and white pages.

Untranslated words are words I could not find a satisfactory translation for. Some people have been translating "Ravuxaazu" as love (ravu), however that means ignoring the "xaazu", which I'm not willing to do.

And the important part:

[ "Tenchi Muyou! Ryo-ohki" 3rd Season. We've heard the fans' roar! ]

We look into state of a new "Tenchi Muyou" series begun in response to 1500 returned reader questionnaires.


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