Captain Tylor DVD

posted on 2000-09-01 23:42 EDT

Marc Ray, production assistant for The Right Stuf International, has announced that the company will be producing a Captain Tylor DVD set. Captain Tylor will be released on 4 DVD with 6-7 episodes each. The entire set will go for $128.95 (same price as VHS), alternatively the DVDs will be available individually for $34.95 each.

The official Captain Tylor website states that the set will be 4 DVD-9s which they claim are double sided. Fact is, DVD-9s are single sided, double layered. It remains unclear whether teh DVDs will be double sided DVD-10s, or DVD-9s.

According to the press release, a release date has not yet been set, "The company is hoping to have it out by Christmas, but aren't promising anything yet. " Timing for teh release will depend on how many orders are made, as a result Right Stuf is encouraging fans to pre-book their orders as soon as possible; the first 750 people to order the DVD set will receive some added goodies, "special bonuses including a "I made the Tylor DVDs Happen" T-Shirt, and other stuff that they haven't decided on yet. Cels from the series, maybe? Who knows."

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