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The upcoming theatrical release of Aurora of the Sea will be shown using Digital projection light projection, Aurora is only the second Anime to be screened in this method.

A.LI.CE, the first ever 100% 3D CGI Anime, was the first feature Anime film to be shown using DLP. A.LI.CE however was produced none the less on animation cels, whereas Aurora was never placed on cels, which should result in a sharper and clearer picture when shown with DLP.

Aurora was directed by Yoshinori Sugaya with character design by Katsuya Kondo and script by Shimada Misaru. The movie's story takes place some time in the late 21st century at a deep sea mining station. Hiroshi Ibuki and his underwater digging team as they discover a colony of luminescent bacteria that is accidentally revived and begins attacking the crew.

Star Wars: Episode 1 was presented in some theatres using DLP, according to George Lucas Episode II will push the digital envelope even firther. Proponents of DLP commend it for it's clear, crisp picture, detractors maintain that digital projections are inferior to analog because on the large screen it is often possible to see the individual pixels.

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