Pseudomé Studio announces II: Prologue

posted on 2000-11-01 09:42 EST
Pseudomé Studio informed us a few days ago that they would soon be releasing "II: Prologue" and this morning we received their press release (see below).

Pseudomé Studio has been working on their "II" project for quite some time now. II will be Pseudomé's entry into the "amateur" American Anime "market" along side other groups such as White Radish. From the images and previews that I've seen (all of which are available on their website) II looks to be a project that will interest many Anime fans.

Pseudomé Studio today announced that it is releasing II: Prologue for retail purchase directly through its website.

II: Prologue is the first amateur video release from the company, and marks the beginning of the chronicles of the II universe. Blurring the lines between fan animation of the Anime genre, and legitimate professional Anime releases, II: Prologue blends classic Anime shot composition and other sensibilities with the restrained innovation of 3D modeling and animation.

Running slightly over 18 minutes, II: Prologue will be sold for $19.95 USD. The purchase price is a flat rate, and contains all packaging, shipping/handling costs, as well as applicable taxes. Among other methods, payment is available though secure,
on-line purchase via (Visa and Master Card, U.S. residents only). New users to will also receive a $5 dollar credit in their account, which can be used towards the purchase of II: Prologue, effectively reducing its price to $14.95 USD.

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