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Dark Horse PR

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Dark Horse has a bunch of good stuff coming our way in the next few months, and they have decided to tell us all about it. Here is The PR:

Lone Wolf and Cub Volume 7 on sale in March

The series Wizard magazine hails as "a visceral epic," and PULP magazine declared "one of the immortal spirit of manga." continues in March, with the release of Dark Horse's seventh volume of the complete, remastered Lone Wolf and Cub.

Lone Wolf and Cub Volume 7: Dragon Cloud, Wind Tiger follows renegade swordsman Itto Ogami and his infant son, Daigoro, as they follow the assassin's path down the road to Hell. Despite his ferocity and cunning as a killer, Itto Ogami is among the most noble of men in Japan, and his efforts to protect a young girl after her family is killed by a conniving courtesan speaks as truly to his spirit as do the kills he racks up with his sword. Meanwhile, Ogami's arch-enemy, Yagyu Retsudo, dispatches Edo's civilian police force to round up the Lone Wolf as a common criminal. In another gut-wrenching tale, readers will learn that sometimes death by sword can be more merciful than terrifying, when Ogami returns to the scene of one of his past executions to fight the retainer of a lord he killed long ago.

"The more work we do on this book, the more I realize why it's still selling like crazy, even past the fifth volume," said series editor, Mike Hansen. "Lone Wolf and Cub even transcends the concept of 'epic,' and I think fans are beginning to see that the story gets better and more fascinating as the pages pile up. Through the seventh volume - marking over 2100 pages! - we've published less than a quarter of the story so far, and the more intricate relationships in the story are just beginning to evolve. I really encourage fans to stick with us on this one."

Look for the March 28 release of Lone Wolf and Cub Volume 7, published by Dark Horse Comics in conjunction with San-Francisco-based manga packaging studio Studio Proteus. This 320-paged, digest-sized paperback features hundreds of pages of classic manga storytelling by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima and an informative essay by Dark Horse editors on the samurai tradition in Japan. Each book in the Lone Wolf and Cub series retails for $9.95.

Super Manga Blast! marks tenth issue in February

Super Manga Blast!, America's favorite manga superseries, delivers another massive, 128-page issue in February - this one featuring a saucy Seraphic Feather cover and five great serials from Japan's leading creators.

In Hiroyuki Utatane's Seraphic Feather, M-Zak pits her scientifically modified body and deadly sword against her nemesis, Rix Hayward. Rix has superpowers of his ownŠbut he just may need to call for reinforcements this time! And trouble is brewing at the beach in Kosuke Fujishima's Oh My Goddess! The Nekomi Tech Motor Club takes a summer outing to the same beachfront hotel as Sayoko and her Art Club cronies, and something - or some one! - mysterious pulls the plug on Belldandy's powers!

The mysteries deepen in 3x3 Eyes, by Yuzo Takada, as a determined Yakumo tries to jog an amnesiac Pai's memory, while saving her from strange marionette assassins! What's Michael? continues to have us rolling with laughter as a confused guard dog gets in trouble for acting like a cat in Makoto Kobayashi's hilarious and award-winning cat-focused comic! And the tension escalates in Mohiro Kitoh's Shadow Star, as Shiina and Akira, with their "star creatures," face off against a murderous, mysterious boy and his deadly, flying dragon.

Super Manga Blast! continues its reign as America's favorite manga anthology with its tenth big issue, on sale February 28 for $4.99.

Dark Horse Maverick releases
Usagi Yojimbo : Demon Mask collection and limited hardcover in March

Eisner Award-winning writer/artist creator Stan Sakai has crafted a truly original and exciting comic series with Usagi Yojimbo, the tightly written, impeccably crafted samurai epic about a ronin rabbit in 16th century Japan who chooses the way of the warrior pilgrim and wanders the land fighting injustice while seeking enlightenment.

Dark Horse's latest collection of Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo stories is a diverse assortment of adapted Japanese folktales, compelling mystery shorts, and white-knuckle adventure stories. Usagi Yojimbo: The Demon Mask contains eight short stories, each written and drawn by Sakai, that capture the honorable spirit of his anthropomorphized warrior and pay respectable homage to the fascinating culture of feudal Japan. Sakai's black-and-white artwork models the Japanese standard of manga, which stresses thoughtful storytelling and succinct visuals over showy coloring and special graphic effects.

Usagi Yojimbo: The Demon Mask will be available in two formats beginning in March. On March 14, look for the softcover 224-page trade paperback collection for the retail price of $16.95. More serious Usagi fans and book collectors will seek out the limited hardcover collection of The Demon Mask, which comes packaged with a removable dust jacket and features an individually signed and numbered tip-in plate. The limited edition hardcover will be on sale beginning March 28 for a suggested retail price of $56.95.

Akira volume 2 slated for March release

After spending years out of print, Akira has risen! Dark Horse's re-release of the Japanese graphic masterpiece continues March 21 with the highly-anticipated debut of the series' second volume.

In the year 2030, the dazzling Neo-Tokyo has risen from Tokyo's ashes, but the power that once leveled Tokyo and sent the world to the brink of Armageddon - a being of monstrous telekinetic power known only as Akira - lives on in absolute-zero frozen stasis far below the city. Those who stand guard will stop at nothing to keep Akira from awakening, but Tetsuo, an angry young man with immense - and rapidly growing - psychic abilities becomes obsessed with confronting Akira face-to-face.

In time, Akira will surely awaken, and Tetsuo may be the only being potentially capable of controlling his devastating powers. But Tetsuo himself is becoming increasingly unstable and violent, and a group including his former friend Kaneda sets out to destroy Tetsuo before he can release Akira - or before Tetsuo himself becomes so powerful that no force on Earth can stop him!

"Some things need to be kept in the public eye and this manga masterpiece is one of them," raved Comics International writer Phil Hall. "This is essential reading for those who want to understand everything that is good about comic books."

Akira #2 is a giant graphic novel, featuring 304 pages of stunning black-and-white storytelling. This book retails for $24.95.

Oh My Goddess! marks its tenth big series
in February with The Secret of Speed

Kosuke Fujishima's best-selling manga Oh My Goddess! continues its hilarious and sweetly romantic run at Dark Horse in February, with the thrilling start of its tenth series, The Secret of Speed.

In Oh My Goddess! X: The Secret of Speed, Megumi - human goddess-magnet Keiichi Morisato's little sister - finds her love for fast bikes and speed-racing is more handy than she'd ever realized, especially now that she's signed up for a popular aerodynamics course at the satellite campus of Nekomi Tech.

The class is so in-demand that students will do just about anything to take it, including racing their bikes up the grueling mountain road that leads to the satellite campus. Normally, an up-hill bike ride wouldn't be such a big deal, but the teacher of the course is a little eccentric - and a lot demanding - and only the first 30 students to reach his class are allowed in. So what's poor Megumi to do when the school's self-proclaimed Queen of the Highway adopts a personal vengeance for the younger Morisato and tries desperately to claim her spot in class each day? Pick up each issue of this series to find out!

"This is another one of Fujishima's classically goofy stories in the Oh My Goddess! series," said Dark Horse's manga editor, Mike Hansen. "The girls' insanity over their bikes is really funny, and it's always great to see a couple of cute females fighting like wildcats, especially over something as cool as a college aerodynamics course. This is also a neat series because we're finally getting to know Megumi better, and she's a great foil for Skuld, and Keiichi, too. Our readers should love this one."

Oh My Goddess! X: The Secret of Speed is a five-issue series, created, written, and drawn by manga great Kosuke Fujishima. The first issue of this sweet, side-splitting comedy will be on sale at your favorite comic-book retailer starting February 28. Each issue features approximately 36 big pages of black-and-white art and retails for $3.50.

An innocent little girl is the target in new
Gunsmith Cats: Kidnapped collection

Kenichi Sonoda's full-throttle manga series Gunsmith Cats is picking up speed with the current ongoing series, Mister V, and Dark Horse is revisiting a recent favorite story arc this spring with the Gunsmith Cats: Kidnapped collection. GSC: Kidnapped is sordid tale of dysfunctional families and fully-functional explosives, available starting March 7 for $16.95.

At first it seemed like such an easy assignment: Rally stakes out the house of bail-jumping TV magician Mr. Smart and brings him in when he shows up. Easy, right? Well, it was easy until the magician's wife sets him up on a false kidnapping charge - the alleged kidnapping of his own young daughter! - with the help of her conniving lawyer lover. Things take a turn for the worse when the little girl is eventually kidnapped by real mobsters who want to use her father's unique sleight of hand in an audacious robbery. Using the little girl as leverage is bad enough, but when the criminals put an explosive collar around her neck as insurance, Rally and the girls go ballistic! It's time for a showdown, Gunsmith Cats-style, and lots of people aren't going to make it out alive!

Don't miss the March debut of the black-and-white 232-page Gunsmith Cats: Kidnapped collection.

Well Good Gosh!!! That was a long PR (and thats just the Manga). Don't expect another one from them for a bit of time .

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