Dragon Ball Z Music CD Information

posted on 2000-12-21 03:41 EST

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Excerpted from a news article on Daizenshuu EX:

SSJ Vejedite has once again contacted Faulconer Productions, and here is his new information:

"I just called Faulconer Productions again to find out more information on the CD" (Ed's Note: SSJ Vejedite is referring to rumored episode soundtracks of the Dragon Ball Z dub music) "They will have special items that will be released on their webpage. Some will be themes (Satan), some will be Character songs (I guess thats the same as themes...). There will be episode scores and there is a SLIGHT possiblity that our Texan voice actors may have something to do with it. Maybe my dream will come true and I'll be able to here Krillin rap like he's Eminem. Faulconer also said the first thing to be on the webpage will be Trunks' theme (whatever that is.) Cell's theme is also one of the guaranteed ones that will be on there. He also thought I sent him a Cell music piece. I guess you can send in compositions. This all may happen. This all may not. Everything's being worked out, but Trunks' theme (?) WILL be on there."

Faulconer Productions is the background music producer for Dragon Ball Z.

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