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A full list of the edits made so far to the Cartoon Network Broadcast of Outlaw Star has been posted to the rec.arts.anime newsgroup.


Episode 1:

OP gone (of course)
Small edit of Gene and Jim playing cards in the bar.
Dialogue changed so Gene and Jim are playing Go Fish instead of Poker
Scene of Gene throwing down his Poker hand before the fight cut.
Death Rob's "killed 30 men" changed to "taken 30 men".
Blood matted out when Gene shoots Death Rob.
Scene of Gene shooting death Rob in the head cut.
Scene of Death Rob spitting up blood when Gene knifes him cut.
Scene of Gene fondling Iris' butt cut. Jim's dialogue altered accordingly.
Jim's "hit the casino" changed to "hit the club".
Scene of Gene and Jim's sexual banter before splitting up cut.
Scene of Gene in hotel room with hooker cut completely.
Gene's girly poster over his bed now has a digital bathing suit.
Blood matted out of street fight between Gene and the pirates.
Pirate girl's "they've been killed" changed to "they're destroyed".
Scene of Hilda putting her gun to Gene's chest and firing cut.
Small cut from Gene putting his gun to Hilda's head cut.
Melfina wearing digital leotard in trunk.
Gene's "naked girl" changed to "weird girl" in preview.
Not an edit... They actually used the original full length ED

Episode 2:

1. Scene of Gene loading the paint cartridges into his "blaster" cut.
2. Scene of thug clutching his balls after being kicked by Hilda cut.
3. Not an edit... The thug Hilda was interrogating was actually bleeding from his nose.
4. Scene of Gene taking a swig from his flask during the pursuit cut.
5. Ctarl Ctarl's "stop screwing around" changed to "stop messing around". (Odd since in GW Heero was allowed to say that he'd "screwed up".)
6. Scene of Gene taking another swig from his flask cut.
7. Gene's "oh, god" changed to "oh, great". (Strange since Jim got to say "oh my god" when Gene got shot by Hilda.)
8. Scene of sexual banter between Gene, Hilda, Melfina and Jim cut.
9. Hilda's "kill more of my friends" changed to "hurt more of my friends".
10. Blood removed from Gene's dad.
11. Gene's "bitching" changed to "whining".
12. Gene's "alright wiseass" changed to "alright wise guy".
13. Gene's "now you're gonna die" changed to "now you're gonna get it".

Also, use of words such as "Damn", "Hell", "Asshole", etc.. replaced by words such as "Darn", "Heck", "Loser".

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