Fantasticon Interviews Sean Akins (of Toonami)

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Once again, poignant questions, with interesting answers

Sean Akins, often considered the driving force behind Toonami, has been interviewed once again by Fantasticon's Ken-san.

This interview, which is text-only (due to Sean's wishes) isn't as long as the previous interviews, but nevertheless Sean provides some news about Toonami's 2001 plans.

Mobile Suit Gundam has been delayed and won't make its intended April launch date. Instead, Sean hopes a late Spring/Early Summer release will occur. When asked about the possibility of Midnight Run-only shows, Sean states, "...the audience is so small, that it doesn't really justify us doing that."

For the complete scoop, please go to the Fantasticon webpage and click on the Anime Channel Sean Akins Interview!

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